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Hello welcome back to another amazing podcast cheerful response. Cody and Rachel Ray will have an exciting topic about plastering plastering the pool and what plaster means to a pool and all the good stuff about Tulse pools in pool plaster. So today again poor Vasser. We’re excited to talk about it. Rachel what do you think about plastering in the Tulsa area Tulsa Pools.

So when Year Tulsa is about to be completed the last step is finishing with the plaster and this is the protective coating that goes over the concrete usually about a half inch in thickness and it’s sprayed on and then hand child. So when the gun is cured enough to support a finish coat the plaster crew will come out and apply the smooth plaster finish Tulsa Pools.

Tulsa Pools Except all the way up to the waterline tile and then immediately after the plaster is applied the pool will be filled with water. I’m curious because and the reason why it’s Philomena is because the plaster actually cures underwater. So if you allowed the plaster to dry and then fill the pool. This could lead to cracking in your plaster. And then that could cost you thousands of dollars because you don’t have to replaster your pool. Then after it’s plastered and cured that’s when the startup of your equipment begins and then balancing your water so when you’re filling one thing you want to be sure of is possible protection show you don’t want to damage the plaster finish. So the crew who’s filling the pool should use wraps around the hoses if they’re using a hose you might be using an automatic fill that’s connected to your pool it’s pretty common which won’t damage the pool.


Yes or once all that’s completed in the past has had time to cure the water then and your pool water is all balance then you get to go in years. So Blaster’s the final step of the Tulsa pool construction phase but it’s very important very well yeah.

Tulsa Pools As Rachel was saying you know after the gun it has cured after you are finished going on in the pool and the pool is starting to take shape shape and letting that cure for the amount of time then it’s time to plaster and then wrap because you’re ready to plaster. It means the water is getting ready to be put in as well because she is saying that the water helps cure the the plastering and so once it’s down to plaster it’s just kind of like the same.

It’s similar to how it applies is hosed and then it is shot on to the wall and then. So it’s feathered up towards the tile all the way all the way on the ground or on the floor of the pool all the way up to the tile. And so it can be applied to the walls as well and so it’s all over the pool.

Tulsa Pools It’s all where the tile is not so pretty much all the gun will be plastered like so. So.

So you have to wait till the end to be completely cured. It’s not a good idea to plaster the floor in the walls at that time. Doing so can result in failing to apply the plaster correctly. And and it can. It won’t necessarily here to the.

Tulsa Pools And not allowing the plaster to care as well filling up with water or it can result in cracks. As Rachel talked about it can disintegrate in the concrete underneath.

So you want to make sure that the carrying process of that goes smoothly and doing so filling up the pool with water as after the Plashers been finished the plaster application is a fairly quick process as far as the application the curing is really what takes the longest. But when the plaster day arrives for your towels a pool a crew of four to six guys will come with a truck which is designed for the purpose of applying plaster. So one of the crew will remain on the truck and mix up the plaster which the plaster is a mixture of white Portland cement and marble dust. And then the additives to give it a color or different strength will be added to the mix at that time when it’s ready the mixer will pump the plaster mix through a hose and then the man who’s operating the hose was sprayed on sections of the pool for the plasters to begin. So the Plashers will actually be in the pool. They wear spiked shoes and they have bullnose trials and they will begin the process of smoothing the plaster evenly over the surface and they have to be careful not to overdraw the mixture or to delay too long before trailing is smooth after about three to four hours of this poor plaster and then they’ll begin filling the pool. So like I said that when they would either take a hose and wrap a towel or a sock around it something to keep it from damaging the pastor and start filling your pool and then you’ll be left with some instructions to care for the water.

Tulsa Pools And then and then again we’ll have somebody our maintenance partner come out and teach you how to take care of that. No help you make sure the water’s all properly balanced before you’re ready to swim.

So again you and plasterers are ready to be apply after the guy is cured and then that plaster. It only takes about 30 minutes to apply plaster to the ER. Excuse me. Hello. Yeah. 30 minutes to apply a pool. Good size. But then as the water is being filled to cure the plaster takes 30 days.

I think it takes 30 minutes to spray it but then they have to handle it. Correct.

Tulsa Pools Which takes several hours and it can take up to 30 30 days for it to completely cure.


You want to make sure you fill up the water completely and make sure it doesn’t just stop when when the water is being filled suture the plaster because if the water is only full of half way during that curing process then then and that can ultimately stain the plaster a different color. And then once you continue to fill up the the pool and you could see a stain and there would be no point no yeah poor plaster if you maintain your water balance.

It’s very durable I can last you up to 15 to 20 years if you have good water chemistry. Really the thing that deteriorates it is just the you know the chemicals they have to put in your pool to sanitize the water. But again properly maintained and taking care of it will last you know 15 to 20 years at the longest and then you will have to replaster because you’ll get shipping and Cox of that nature which is just natural it happens. An imposter can really stand up to a lot of wear and tear. It’s about a half inch thick. So it’s much better than. So then like painting your pool or something like that plaster is going to hold up a lot better and be more resistant to wear and tear.

Yes. It’s one of those things you have to replace every so often. And I don’t I mean every so often 10 or so years or so last pretty good. And again that amount of remains that matters of how well your water balance is being taken care of your pH balance. Again there should be some point to that about 7.6 on the pH scale. But you keep your pH balance maintain the longer lasting your plaster your plaster should last night pool. And that’s something to make sure to think about if you’re going to do the maintenance yourself you want to make sure that you know there’s not some days or weeks or slack in or you’re missing your pool maintenance because all year around that that pH balance is to stay pretty good. Right in the middle so that replaster is not losing years on its life because that could be it because it does cost several thousand dollars to replace a plaster on a pool and you don’t want to be just on that money around. So any final thoughts about plastering.

Rachel. OK. Again.

If you need to replaster pool or you need a new pool. Contact to see your pools and spas in context 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 or Sibyl’s and Spa’s I would love to help with any needs that you have. If you want to build a new construction pool or if you are replaster your current pool and even if you haven’t used this in the past in the past plaster We’d love to do your business for you and I’d love to help you with that and build a relationship with you and so that we can continue on living great happy lives all together. You have a wonderful backyard pool in your giving us visit So again plastering really important in Tulsa. ┬áTulsa Pools Tulsa plastering contacts here pools and spas and we will help you with that need. All right. Till next