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Tulsa Pool Remodeling

Hello and welcome to an amazing day of podcasting we’re here talking about pool stuff as always.

Yes it is. Tulsa Pools  Thank you Rachel for your introductory. Cody and Rachel we’re here to talk about all your poor needs and desires and wants and needs and all the things that are fascinating. Interesting. We’re with Sierre pools and spas in Tulsa Oklahoma and we specialize and build custom in-ground pools and we have a Web site. It’s called simpleton’s bonds dot com where you can call us and contact us 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. And so today we’re going to be talking about something that we don’t necessarily advertise that we don’t necessarily show on our Web site that we do but we can it’s not necessarily our focus but we can help you with all your needs.

And so today we’re only talking about Tulsa pools and remodeling. Now we don’t advertise that we do remodeling but we can do remodeling. We would love to remodel the pool that you already have and to improve that that you’re thinking about and dreaming about. And so yeah give us a call if you want to talk about pool remodeling. We you know we can sit down and talk about what you’re thinking about what you want to do and and how you want to move forward with a new journey of a new pool in your backyard. We can we can sit down talk numbers and and see what you want to accomplish by the end of year. Your pool in your backyard needs again. We don’t necessarily advertise that we do remodeling in the Tulsa area but we can most certainly love to help you with any of that you need if you need to remodel your pool of course.

We know it’s a little bit different process than a new construction. And so depending on how big the project could be and the size could all vary on the timeline. I know we offer a time here to your new for construction or remodel it it just varies so many different variables that can be put in to play. Rachel what do you think about poori modeling here in Tulsa.

Tulsa Pools  There is some common things that have to be updated as time goes on. One thing is you’re faster you have to replaster. Probably every 10 years.

So we can help with that.

Another thing that can get outdated is the waterline tile in your pool. So we can help you update that and give you a bunch of options a bunch of different options depending on what kind of look you’re going for. As well as your poor. That something that might you might want to be updated so we can help you with that. And even the decking around your pool if you’re looking to update that something we can help you with. We can also look at if you’re interested in stoning an ingrown spot or tax ball. To your current pool that’s something that we could help you with as well. There are so many different things that can be done. There’s even landscaping around your people can make it look brand new if you do some landscaping or just any outdoor designs we can help you with those things as well. You have so many options when it comes to updating your pool and even things like updating your equipment that can be important. Something we can help you with or updating your heaters or if you want a heater. Also things like converting your chlorine pool to a salt water pool. We can help you with that. Get you the right equipment. Make sure it’s all converted properly. So again there’s just so many options when you’re looking at remodeling your also so that we can help you with new design advice and tips and our ideas on what with the best and give you access to the most current materials and equipment Tulsa Pools .

Let’s say you’re a 47 year old housewife that just went through a midlife crisis. And you know you’ve gone through a phase where just everything needs to be changed. And you know just like a kitchen you know you might want to remodel your kitchen the tile and the wall wallpaper.

I don’t know if people use wallpaper still but some might think it might become an old fashion that might be coming back.

But let’s say you know you get ready to remodel your kitchen or in redo the tile redo the floor and redo the the paneling the walls.

You know seeing the swimming pool and you want to remodel your swimming pool with maybe the Taler you’re necessarily crazy about the tile or the coping anymore. Like you were 10 years ago or so and we can tell you that we can come in and take a look at what you’re thinking and look at the look at the property look at the poor and and and you know make a great offer to you and what we can do for you and things like that. Also if you know if you just want maybe you want to add on to your pool make it bigger or just whatever you want to do. I mean we can just the sky’s the limit again. We can do anything with your pool needs or you know if you’re one day at a spa or something you several years ago you got a pool and you had a pool put in and it’s beautiful it’s it’s luxurious It’s amazing. Tulsa Pools  But at the time you didn’t put in a pool spa. And we can help you with that.

And that final touched your backyard water features are also another great thing that can help just make your pool. Just update the look of your poor weather that’s like a natural rock waterfall or something more modern and sleek like a sheer descent waterfall. Adding features like that can really just update the look of your pool. When you talk about remodeling a pool it can get very extensive If you’re talking about changing the shape because that’s going to involve a lot of demo especially if it’s already a tight pool so keep that in mind. You know the shape of the pool is probably not what needs to be updated unless you’re just completely unhappy with it. And that would require a full demo but just updating things as simply as the tile and the coping in a way and escaping around the decking around can greatly increase the aesthetic appeal and get get it looking you know better not so outdated.

And again like Kirti said on a Spahr water features or fire features even or even a raised deck somewhere or. Pergola or outdoor kitchen or something like that can just update the entire space and really just make it look fresh and new and give you that feeling of having something different and new and more updated  Tulsa Pools .

Yeah. So whatever your remodeling needs are you can contact us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 to 7 Orting and contact us here pools and spas not come again. Remodeling. You know like Rachel says you know you can get pretty pricey but you know you have money here and we can do anything with that you know. Let’s say you’re a professional golfer and you live on next to what is at Southern Hills Golf Course there in Tulsa. And you want to you have a point in the backyard and you want to knock out a section and add something else. Give us a call and we can talk about it and we can mix the steps forward to approach your goal there. Again that would be pretty pricey but if it is just as simple as maybe a tile remodel or coping remodel or you know where you want to add a spot or you want to add a few water features. Get me a water fountain. You pull that already existing. No go have it. We can. Contact us and we can make that happen for you.

I’ll make you a happy camper. Final thoughts from Rachel. I said final thoughts with Rachel with Paul remodeling.

She she has no thoughts. OK. Again you can contact us simple simpletons Spawn’s dot com we’re located office and I know but we service and it’s also metro area and surrounding areas. What we can do pretty much anything you want. Just give us a call and we can set up a consultation and we can come look at what you got and we can make a design if necessary in our software and show you what we’re thinking about doing in your backyard and give us a go. We are ready to go and start making your pool in your backyard the dreams that you’ve always had. Again remodeling we don’t necessarily advertise that but we can do that we can make that happen. We can do any of your remodeling needs. Give us a call. You have our number you our website address clearly are on it and we will love to do business with you.

Rachel if you had one word to sum up what we talked about if you had one word to sum up what we talked about about remodeling today what would it be. One more some up remodeling pools what would it be Tulsa Pools .


There you go. That’s a good one. That’s a good thing and that’s a good thought for the day. All right again. Contact us now 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 to 7 or at zero.

Pools and spas dot com we love to do your business. We’d love to build a relationship with you and really start knocking out some samples with you in your backyard and making it look absolutely wonderful Tulsa Pools .