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Hello. Welcome to another edition of the podcast with the Sierra pools and spas with Cody and Rachel. We’re glad to be here with you and talk about all your swimming pool needs. If you’re looking for a Tulsa pool builder, so you’re pulling the smaller, we’d love to build you a pool. And I can tell you if, uh, Sierra pools and spas, I’ve been in business since 2007 and has an absolute excellent reputation of um, honesty, um, great word quality. So all your are your swimming pool needs, Sierra pools and spas can definitely do anything that you can imagine. Outdoor kitchen area is, uh, um, a landscaping, all those, uh, all your backyard, one stop shop, uh, once, we can definitely do that for you. So if you’re looking, if you’re in the Tulsa area of Bixby, broken Arrow, jinx, Owasso and you’re needing a Tulsa pool builder, uh, we can build a Tulsa Pools for you.

We built a specialize in ground custom gunnite pools. Um, and so if you, uh, are wanting to add a, a pool to your home, um, we would love to come to your house and evaluate and see what we can design for you. Of course, you can contact us at (918) 884-8427. We’re on our website@wwwdotsierrapoolsandspas.com. Um, today we’re gonna be talking about a little bit of a poopy section a or subject. Um, so we’ll let Rachel take it away. [inaudible] I’ll let her introduce the topic. She really wanted to talk about this. So we’re going to talk about it. So if you’re in the Tulsa area, if your Awaso Bixby Jenks broken Arrow, Katusa I nola, uh, all those beautiful places and you have a swimming pool and this happens to you, uh, you are going to be so glad that you read or listened to this podcast because now you’ll know what to do. I’m right shoulder, we’ll we talking about today.

Welcome to our podcast, the place where you can find all the information you need for any Tulsa pool needs and subject. We were talking about today is a code brown situation. Cool. Yes. Good Brown. Um, I don’t know if any of you out there when your children read a particular book, um, maybe your parents read it to you to help you potty train, um, called everybody poops. Um, and everybody does poop. And unfortunately sometimes children or I hope not adults, but I guess it could be adults poop in a swimming pool. Oh Gosh. And that is disgusting. Absolutely. Um, what do you do if somebody poops on your pool? Cool. Well, you know, I was told when I was younger that if you Pete in the swimming pool, he would turn purple knowing now that, that there’s no such thing, um, in swimming Tulsa Pools . Yeah.

Uh, it totally changed my mind about life and, um, really effected the way I thought, knowing that my parents lied to me about pain in the swimming pool and pooping on the other hand, I don’t know, I just never even thought about doing that. Um, maybe you could have a crazy Tulsa Pools anyways, so I didn’t. Okay. Let’s talk about personal stories. And when I was younger, when, uh, yes. Uh, so pooping in the pool, that is something that I find disgusting. I wouldn’t even do that as a child, but, uh, there’s some view that might have a little crazy kids, a little, little children that are rotten and crazy.

Well, it’s not rotten kids cause let me just say, I have three little cousins too. My parents are adopting and they’ve had accidents in the tub. So it’s, it’s not a far stricter fade. When we have kids you want understand that is going to happen and you’re going to have to clean it up. You just poop in the top. Yes. They get to playing. They don’t want to get out or if they have a stomachache then if they’re like young, not the age now though. Uh, no. Anyway, so let’s move on. Okay. So put me into the pool is not a far stretch and it happens quite often actually. Um, yeah, it’s pretty gross. Yeah. If it’s your pool and you are the pool owner, it’s up to you to clean it up, unfortunately. So how do you do that? Make a point to call us now at 918-884-8427 or got to https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ as soon as you can!

Tulsa Pools | Please Call For The Top Pools!

Yeah. So the steps, yeah, fine. If you’re in Tulsa Bixby, Jenks broken Arrow Owasso and you poop, um, uh, sorry, you, uh, you, you want to listen to this pod? Yes. Okay. No. So the quick answer to how to get rid of it is shock the crap out of it. You did that. Did you read that? [inaudible] it’s pretty good.
So shocking. Your water’s the best way to sterilize it, um, short of draining your pool entirely. So that’d be the quick answer. Um, but my first thought is skimming the sucker out a little bit. A little turn. Well, why is the pool bad? I mean, I don’t even feel like we need to answer this question, but I will anyways. Besides the obvious facts that you really don’t want to swim in a toilet, you know, you’re not going to go swimming in your toilet, so you don’t want poop in your pool water. Um, it’s a big health risk. Obviously. There’s a couple different things. Um, first thing is Yardi or Giardo. I’m not sure how to, how it’s pronounced, but basically it’s a parasite that causes, um, extreme diarrhea, explosions, uh, causes cramping, bloating and fatigue. Um, similar to food poisoning, tutorial. Um, some people that carry the parasite and never, um, present signs of the infection, but they still pose a risk to others. Um, so that’s one thing. The other thing is I’m crypto. This is the short, um, shortened name that the actual name is cryptosporidium type of Tulsa Pools.

Um, it’s similar to Sharda in regard. Yeah. I’m a harsher heist. Um, but it also has a s a severe cough and a fever attached with it. So, um, crypto can last one to two weeks. Um, it can last longer and serious cases. So both of these were ascites are bad news and um, besides just, yeah, the other nastiness. Um, so you want to get this stuff out of your pool as soon as possible. It’s disgusting. Okay. So the first thing you need to do is close your pool immediately and you don’t want anyone swimming in there. You don’t want anyone else getting infected. Yeah. And everyone else. So you just yell at the top of your lungs Code Brown. And I’m pretty sure that that’s a universal sign for people to know that there is. I feel like it is. It should be. So Viola Code Brown, I think most people are going to jump out of the clean as possible. So close, you’re pulling me immediately. You see a snake creeping up on you. It’s Brown, it’s cold, brown time. It’s probably not a snake in your Tulsa Pools.

Step number two is he want to remove as much of the fecal matter as possible. Yes. Um, preferred method is a net and a bucket. You do not want to vacuum the fecal matter to not do that. Give a net and a bucket and get that stuff out of there. Step number three is to shock your pool with sodium hypochlorite. So you want to raise your free chlorine level by at least two parts per million and you want to hold your chlorine level, um, at this shock level for 25 to 30 minutes. Um, so you want to shock the crap out of your pool. Um, so those are the general, uh, how to clean it. Talk now. Okay. So that’s for solid soup. Oh Gosh. Cause you can actually get a net. Get Out. What happens if it’s not so solid? It’s a little bit runny chocolate. Rain. Nope. They didn’t eat corn. This is disgusting. So I hope that you’ve made it to the end of this episode. Listen to this beautifully. Yeah. This, this is, this is a quality information for your Tulsa pool swimming needs. If you want someone to build your pool. And uh, I mean, who else is gonna tell you how to do this? It’s something you need to know. We should put this in our FAQ.

We should anyways, moving on this last part, how to clean diarrhea out of your bowl. Okay, let’s try again. Close your pool immediately. A Code Brown, uh, you want to Yell Code Brown. Step number two, remove as much of the solid portions as you can. So again, use a net and a bucket. Um, step number three to make sure your shock is working at full efficiency. You’ll actually need your pools, CYA, which is scion uric acid. Also known as stabilizer. Um, you need this to be between one to 15 parts per million. So test your water, um, and make sure that’s good. Step number four is you’re going to need to hyper chlorinate your pool by adding pool shock and maintain the shock level for an extended period of time. Um, again, you want to use sodium hypochlorite to do that and you’ll need to, unlike the previously we were talking about solids, you all need to shock it for an extended period of time. Step number five is you need to backwash the filter thoroughly and replace filter media if necessary. For example, if you have a sand filter, you’re probably gonna want to replace that because you’re going to be hitting poop in there and you don’t want to be running your water after you’ve already hyper coordinated, clean it all up, but you still have fecal matter in your filter. So when you’re running the clean water after that, still going to be grabbing that stuff. So that’s just nasty. So replace your filter media, whether that’s GE or a cartridge or sand, um, you want to replace that. So that just about covers it. Uh, how to take care of color of your Tulsa Pools.

talking about a proofing need or proving situation there. So if you’re in Tulsa, you wanted to build a pool and you don’t want to go through having crap in your pool, but you would like that opportunity. That means you need a swimming pool. We have a lot to build your swimming pool. If you’re in the Tulsa Owasso, Jenks, broken Arrow, Bixby area, contact us today at nine one eight eight eight four, eight four two seven or@sierrapoolsandspas.com. Again, if you’re wanting to build a pool, we’d love to build a pool for you or Tulsa builders. Here we construct, um, pools in your backyard and do on an entire backyard dream. Definitly call these guys now at 918-884-8427 or please head over to https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ as soon as you can! Uh, whether it’s outdoor kitchen areas, landscaping, we’d love to help you with those needs and just be your one stop shop for your backyard dream. Uh, again, my name is Cody and we’ll talk to you next time. Have a great day. Not Crappy one.