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Hello and welcome to Sierra pools and spas podcast. We’re going to be talking, having great topics today. Um, uh, my name is Cody and I’m Rachel. And, uh, like I said, we’re Sierra pools and spas. We built swimming pools in the Tulsa, uh, Metro area. Um, we’re going to be answering some questions of, uh, just some common questions about, uh, kind of the pool industry and questions we get often. Um, just so it’s a, you’re not thinking it and it’s not awkward and we can answer these questions for you. Ritual. What, what’s a good question for Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company?

Well, being in tosses, premieres, swimming pool construction and remodeling company, we get a lot of different questions about the process, the construction, that costs of course is a big one from us people. Um, and so today we just kind of want to go through and hammer through all these FAQ issues and get your questions answered so that you’re not wondering about these things. Yeah, cause we don’t like wondering. We like to know. Yes. Knowing is good. Knowing is knowledge is power, knowledge is power. So at Sierra pools and spas, we design and build each pool unique to each customers. So, um, it’s not, um, just cut and copy to every customer. We actually come in and you’re in home consultation and we go through a list of questions to basically identify your needs and wants as the customer. And we’ll go through everything. Like how big do you want your pool to be? How deep do you want it to be? Do you want landscaping? Would you like a certain type of decking? Do you want any kind of water features or, um, recreational features like diving board slides. Um, we go down to the details. Like what kind of, um, uh, outdoor kitchen do you want? What kind of landscaping do you want? What’s the look you’re going for? Um, so all these things help us create a design that is completely unique to, um, what you’re looking for as far as style and aesthetic, um, aesthetic look. Make a point to call us for the top Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company.

So, um, through the use of our three D is design software. Um, we will meet with you in a design meeting after the consultation and we’ll present your design video and pictures for you to review. Um, we’ll also allow you to, um, use a virtual reality headset to look at your pool design in 360 degree visuals. And this is something that’s completely unique to Sierra pools and spas. We have not heard of any other pool company currently that is doing this in the Tulsa area. Um, and it really just provides a unique experience for you as the customer to actually see, um, and be able to visualize a little bit better what your pool is actually going to look like in relation to your house and your yard. So that’s a really neat experience. And then we’ll work closely with you throughout the entire design and building to ensure that your backyard dream becomes a reality.

Customer service is number one to us. Um, so we’re gonna ensure that you’re happy. Um, and some of the ways that we do that, the ways that we stand out among other people. For one, we offer 0% down and longterm financing. Um, we have two different financing partners currently. Um, the first one is HFS financial and, um, just off the top of my head, some of the things they can offer you. Um, all phone funds are loaded up. I’m sorry. All funds are, let me rephrase that. All loans are funded upfront. Um, so they’re deposited into your bank account. Um, they do terms from three to 15 years with rates starting at 3.95%. And they, um, their loans range from $2,000 to $150,000, and they can be used for your pool, your spa, any kind of landscaping, um, outdoor kitchen, um, outdoor structure. They can be used for anything like that. Um, so they’re a great partner and our other partner would be lightstream. And off the top of my head, um, I know that their rates start at 3.99%. All of this information you can find on our website@wwwdotsierrapoolsandspas.com. Um, again, we missed all that information there under our finance time. Yes. Can we, what’s another thing that makes us different from other pool companies in Tulsa?

Um, we, uh, do free state of the art, um, three d design. Um, and that’s something that, uh, uh, that is unique in the industry. Uh, we being Tulsa’s premier swimming pool, construction and remodeling company, we want to show you what your backyard is going to look like before construction even begins. Um, and I know, uh, this being a lengthy, uh, pricey, um, project, um, eh, building a swimming pool isn’t cheap. Uh, you want to be confident in what your backyard is gonna look like. Uh, you’re going to have people come in your backyard and tear everything up. You kind of want to know what the outcome’s going to be, so, uh, it’s not going to worry you, um, or, uh, upset you. Um, so we do offer free standard Ar Three d design. Um, and with this, we, before we get, um, measurements and pictures of your house so we can accurately design it, uh, we do to the final, uh, detail, uh, and, and to accurate measurements so you can really grasp to what your backyard’s going to look like from a Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company view point. Call now at 918-884-8427 or go to https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ as soon as you can!

Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company | Are You Excited?

Um, and it’s, it’s not, it’s not going to, um, uh, look bad by any means. You’re gonna, you’re gonna think it’s the real deal. It’s gonna look like your house. It looks like you’re living in it. Um, it’s gonna look like when we took a picture of your house and somehow morph that into a three d model. So, um, with this, uh, awesome design a software or we’re able to actually put you into, uh, into the software or using a VR headset. Um, and this is a really neat tool, uh, using virtual reality. Um, uh, eh, looking in your backyard. Uh, it’s really cool. I don’t, I don’t think anyone, I haven’t heard of anyone in the industry using this, uh, this tool. Uh, it’s great, uh, to really experience your backyard. Um, uh, right in front of your eyes. And, and two or three d software and you get to walk around in your backyard with Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company.

And like I said, it’s really, really neat, awesome tool. Um, uh, w also something that we offer is an on time guarantee. Uh, and this is expecially unique to our company, uh, being Tulsa’s premier swimming pool, construction and remodeling company. We want to offer our clients and our customers, uh, the absolute best of the best. And we can do that and do that in a, in a timely manner. Uh, everyone’s on a schedule these days and everyone, uh, everyone’s time is valuable. Uh, and we, we totally understand that and we don’t want to just come home, come to your house, build a, or dig a hole in your backyard and just leave it for several months at a time. Uh, when we gather your permits and plans on, we write the plans and gathered the permits from the city, uh, to start construction on your, on your pool. Uh, we will. Um, and as soon as we get the green light from the city to start constructing, we will map out a scheduling, uh, schedule map, uh, for you. Uh, so you know, uh, what’s, what’s happening. Um, and, uh, we will set a completion date and we will do everything in our power to, uh, uh, execute that completion date. Uh, Kate if, oh yeah, Call now for Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company.

I was just going to say, and we will, we will complete on time. There’s no doubt in our minds when we set these timelines, they’re realistic timelines and we, we know how, how long each process takes. So when we set this, um, completion date with you, we guarantee that it’s gonna be done on time. Um, however, if it’s not for some rare reason, rare occasion, the way we guarantee you’re on time is that if we are late for some reason on our part, um, we’re just not able to get the job done because of something that we fail to do. We will pay you $100 for every day. We are late teaching $100 every single day. Um, and that’s just to ensure your confidence in what we are saying. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease of, uh, our company. We want you to relax and enjoy the construction process. It’s, even though it’s going to be a work zone in your backyard, uh, we want to, um, really reassure that, uh, that we are on top of things and at the highest quality of, uh, of, um, uh, w on the market. Uh, in the industry. We were providing the highest quality yeah. Again, in, in a timely manner.

Yeah. And then the last two things that make us different just quickly at the end of our time here. Um, we’re family owned and operated. So the business was started by my father, Paul Venus in 2007. And, um, he started this company and it has become Tulsa’s premier. So when we bought construction and remodeling company, um, we’ve been in business, like I said, since 2007, I was 14 at the time. And so I’ve just always known my dad to be a builder and be in construction. Um, and now Cody and I, um, are, are working together as a team. Um, I was probably 13 at the time, but I didn’t know him and then I came in the picture later. Yeah. So we’re kind of the next generation of the business kind of stepping in and learning everything and I’m starting to really take it over and, and um, yeah, just make it our own. And the last thing is that we do, um, is we’ll be any price. So we guarantee that we’re going to give you the best quality work for the best price. And if for some reason you get another bid, um, and you bring that to us, we guarantee that we’ll come in 10% underneath that price. Um, we, we just know that we can do the best work and we have the best relationship with our customers and we want to do the job right for you. Reach out now if you are ready for Tulsa’s Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company.

Yeah. To me and tell us brewing or swimming pool, construction and remodeling company, uh, we can offer you the best of the best, highest quality, uh, stuff on the industry. So if you are interested in building a pool project, give us a call at (918) 884-8427 against your pools and spas. You can find us online@ www.sierrapoolsandspas.com or you can find us on Facebook. We’re also on there as well. Any last words? That’s it. All right. Being Telesis premier showing eval, con construction and remodeling company. We are here to bring you quality. Thank you. Until next time, Adios. Goodbye.